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        The world’s first children’s restaurant offers new snacks from the kid’s menu – it’s taco time! Super healthy option and so much fun to play with it!

        There are a lot of healthy options on the menu, let’s try something new! One of the most fun things to eat – Tacos! Enjoy building your own tacos, in the most exciting way possible with our homemade crispy taco shells + select your favorite fillings and toppings from your mini taco bar.

        “Dining out with kids in Dubai can be a mixed bag – their menus range from the non-existent to junk food, with little in between, and we often find ourselves either apologizing for our presence or surrounded by other families with screaming children, and no-one having a good time. I love the idea of White + The Bear – a place where little ones are at the center of the experience. The brainchild of chef Annabel Karmel, expect little tables and chairs, a menu with Karmel’s signature healthy dishes, cute bear-themed placemats and cutlery, a very Instagrammable interior (white but wipe-clean), and a cookery school upstairs.” says Dubai Eye 103.8 radio personality Helen Farmer and her four-year-old daughter Phoebe to “What’s On” who paid a visit to a child-centered café. 

        There is one place for kids and adults enjoy lunch together not worrying about ketchup on the floor or screaming background, cuz it’s all here and it’s all good!

        WHITE + BEAR