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        Another afternoon well spent with the guys from CAFE RIDER CUSTOM MOTORCYCLES and CHAPS & CO but this time it was for a great cause… THE 2015 DISTINGUISHED GENTLEMANS RIDE. So every year this ride is held on the same day world wide to raise awareness and help fund the cure for prostate cancer.

        On September 27th 2015, more than 36,841 smartly-dressed gentlefolk in 410 cities from 79 countries straddle the saddles of their café racers, bobbers, scramblers and other marvellous custom motorcycles.

        Cafe Rider who hosted the event over the past weekend, had a jam pack afternoon filled with entertainment and a scenic ride through the streets of Dubai. Great prize where up for grabs, for best-dressed, best moustache, best beard and of course for the best looking bikes in their categories. Live music, by CHRONICLES OF KHAN and Cara to keep the festivity going. A food truck by THE FOOD TRUCK DUBAI for the hungry and CHAPS & CO’S Pop Up Barbershop for a last minute grooming session.

        I managed to grab myself a spot in a ROYAL ENFIELD sidecar. If you know me, you would know that I prefer being behind the handlebars, but I have to say this was quite fun and relaxing at the same time. So I think its safe to say, ridden in sidecar, checked! Thank you very much to the rider for the great experience!

        Till the next venture, I leave you in the words of Cafe Rider #beorignalbefreeCRGentlemansRide2015_001CRGentlemansRide2015_003 CRGentlemansRide2015_002 CRGentlemansRide2015_004 CRGentlemansRide2015_024 CRGentlemansRide2015_012CRGentlemansRide2015_019 CRGentlemansRide2015_015CRGentlemansRide2015_005 CRGentlemansRide2015_016 CRGentlemansRide2015_017 CRGentlemansRide2015_018CRGentlemansRide2015_011 CRGentlemansRide2015_020CRGentlemansRide2015_027 CRGentlemansRide2015_021CRGentlemansRide2015_025 CRGentlemansRide2015_023CRGentlemansRide2015_028CRGentlemansRide2015_022 CRGentlemansRide2015_029 CRGentlemansRide2015_030 CRGentlemansRide2015_031CRGentlemansRide2015_050NC_Chaps&CoPU190915_032 CRGentlemansRide2015_036CRGentlemansRide2015_040 CRGentlemansRide2015_037CRGentlemansRide2015_039 CRGentlemansRide2015_043 CRGentlemansRide2015_045 CRGentlemansRide2015_046CRGentlemansRide2015_032CRGentlemansRide2015_010 CRGentlemansRide2015_048 CRGentlemansRide2015_052CRGentlemansRide2015_066 CRGentlemansRide2015_049CRGentlemansRide2015_054 CRGentlemansRide2015_057 CRGentlemansRide2015_059 CRGentlemansRide2015_060CRGentlemansRide2015_034 CRGentlemansRide2015_062 CRGentlemansRide2015_063 CRGentlemansRide2015_067CRGentlemansRide2015_047 CRGentlemansRide2015_068 CRGentlemansRide2015_073 CRGentlemansRide2015_074CRGentlemansRide2015_072 CRGentlemansRide2015_076 CRGentlemansRide2015_078 CRGentlemansRide2015_079 CRGentlemansRide2015_082CRGentlemansRide2015_090 CRGentlemansRide2015_084 CRGentlemansRide2015_088CRGentlemansRide2015_086 CRGentlemansRide2015_091CRGentlemansRide2015_100 CRGentlemansRide2015_096CRGentlemansRide2015_094CRGentlemansRide2015_097 CRGentlemansRide2015_099 CRGentlemansRide2015_102CRGentlemansRide2015_105 CRGentlemansRide2015_103 CRGentlemansRide2015_106 CRGentlemansRide2015_108