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        Have the Best of Portside Lifestyles – Wasl Port views, a mixed-use development, brings life to Al Mina and offers an inspiring contemporary lifestyle in a beautiful landscaped community by the sea.

        Enjoy a wonderful community that offers elegant mid-rise residences and urban landscapes adorned with greenery, as well as promenades, that take you to everything you need from shopping and dining to entertainment and leisure.

        • Facing Port Rashid
        • Elegant and modern apartments
        • Dedicated central park for the community
        • Retail at your doorstep

        The launch of the first building of this unique project in a strategic location will further add to Wasl’s existing portfolio of leasehold properties across Dubai.

        Presenting a contemporary lifestyle in a beautifully landscaped community by the sea, Wasl Port views comes as part of wasl’s mandate to consistently cater to all areas and segments of Dubai by introducing exceptional properties in prominent areas that aim to uplift communities and instal happiness in the hearts of residents.

        Project managed by X Architects. Founded in 2003 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates by Ahmed Al-Ali and Farid Esmaeil, X-Architects operates a critical design approach which recognizes the inherent complexity in building and construction and, harnesses this complexity to produce projects that are robust and adaptable.

        It is a practice where design and tactical decisions operate in relationship to the numerous constraints and unforeseen developments of any project, whether large or small scale. The ability to not only accept change and alteration, but to use these critical events in a productive and reinvigorating manner is central to the progressive architectural practice of X-Architects.

        Award winning full-service international architecture firm specialized in architecture, urban research and interpretive design based in Dubai.