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        A bright, white, distraction free scene awaited me on a sunny Tuesday morning. It was the newly renovated home of Leanne Moss. Leanne is the founder of WHITE MOSS DECOR – an online store with tribal, bohemian, tropical and beach style products. It is clear that Leanne leans towards a minimalist and natural approach. A photographer’s dream! It is impossible not to fall in love with the rich and natural textures of the decor items. They are genuine, infused with soul and complemented the modern approach to styling each room.

        Other decor items were sourced from JOBA. Joba makes it possible for all of us in the desert to showcase some of South Africa’s most innovative and creative products. An online shop, with a beautiful artisan range, that includes high quality decor items, kids furniture, bags, clothing and linen. Think hand-made blankets and scatter cushions! Styling was done by Kathryn from HOUSE OF HAWKES. Kathryn (in her own words) is an “interior stylist, e-design enthusiast, incurable decorator and incessant organizer“. I have been working with Kathryn on several projects – see BABY GIRL NURSERY and SURPRISE ROOM MAKEOVER from her blog. I love to photograph Kathryn’s beautifully styled interiors. Always in awe of how this lady manages to bring style and perfection to any room!

        Both Leanne and Kathryn wanted to create a beautiful and functional living space without spending a fortune. If you would like to browse for products available from White Moss Decor, simply click HERE. Don’t miss out on House of Hawkes’ styling insights over HERE. Part of photographing interiors, is to show the intended mood of the styling in the photographs itself. The styling approach was to give each room a new look that was calm, relaxed and dreamy. Focusing on details and textures highlighted the natural characteristics of the decor items against a modern, bright white background.

        This collaboration, and my photographs, nicked a 6 PAGE SPREAD in HELLO! magazine this year! HELLO! publishes great photography and coverage of royalty, A-list celebrities and the social elite. HELLO! Middle East has a mix of high profile articles and interviews, balanced by regionally-driven fashion and event coverage. How lucky am I to be part of all of this? Exclusive features are typically photographed in the homes of the people that are being interviewed so I was over the moon to see the feature on White Moss and to be published in the March 2017 issue.

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