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        Zabel House lobby on arrival presents guests with the atmosphere of a social meeting place, a neighborhood vibe where people engage around communal tables. The carefully designed open plan layout means that the urban lobby blends seamlessly into the all-day dining, creating a lively buzz as people come and go, working, chatting over a coffee, or sharing food with friends and family.  

        A unique collection of eclectic furniture such as locally produced chairs, bold rugs from the local souq, and modern Arabic highlights juxtaposes with urban finishes such as concrete effect tiles and wire mesh ceiling panels to create an unpredictable experience. This aesthetic continues from the lobby to the all-day dining giving a visual connection between the two spaces whilst also maintaining a key sense of this place in Zabel House. This open planned environment is however, controlled by shelving units which help divide the space into more private areas for separate groups and further enhance the connection to travel due to quirky accessories that fill the shelves. It is further transitional and flexible due to the cleverly designed bar unit that can be screened to certain times to keep the experience for all guests relevant and fresh throughout the day.

        This combination of Arabic culture and urban finishes also comes together in the health club and spa. Reclaimed timber slats, concrete flooring, and exposed ceilings are complemented and softened by Arabic rugs from the local souq and quirky artwork that continue down the corridor, into the changing rooms and treatment experience. Personal interaction is a key feature that runs through this hotel, seen through the recessed pops of seating down the health club corridor that allows for guests to pause a moment, relax, and interact.