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        NOOK is a concept store specializing in the retail of home accessories. Along with children home accessories from around the world they make the concept in a charming mix. And also to compliment the NOOK, their fresh Flower Bar seasonal blooms with a quaint edge to the city.

        “The brand is the brainchild of Ayah Halawani and Nada Albahri, two enterprising architecture graduates in their late 20s. The duo both grew up in Dubai and met while studying at the American University of Sharjah.”

        “Nook offers an utterly charming mix of tableware, adorable accessories for children, throws and cushion in statement fabrics, sumptuous rugs, marble-effect boxes, pared-back lighting and quirky accessories. From oversized copper nails that serve as hooks to the 60-centimetre-long, handmade Frida dolls by the Dubai-based brand Vinny. There’s a sense of fun to a lot of the pieces, as well as an intriguing mix of textiles and materials.

        “We’ve learnt that people don’t want to go completely minimal and cold, or completely Bohemian. I think that’s reflective of the lifestyle we lead here, where it’s a mix of very traditional and very modern. So we’ll get people picking up a very sharp-edged vase, and then a nice, soft Moroccan rug to go with it,” says Halawani.

        Article by The National.

        Styling by LiveLoudGirl.