Slide Interior Space and light and order. These are considered by designers when creating an interior space. I embrace each space in its intended light and aim to convey a feeling of order in my images. PHOTOGRAPHY Read More Slide Architecture As an architect, you design for the present, with an awareness of the past, for a future which is essentially unknown - Norman Foster. PHOTOGRAPHY Read More Slide Product Organic. Raw. Texture. Design. Minimal. Lines. Space. Light. PHOTOGRAPHY Read More Slide Fine Art Prints This collection of fine art prints have been captured over the years, from travels to meaningful moments. SHOP Shop Now Slide Travel To me, it’s not where I end up that is important, it’s all the moments in-between. PHOTOGRAPHY Read More

I'm Natelee

I believe in honest, simple photography, documenting and share my stories in a sincere way.

Working with Natelee is effortless. Her natural ability to capture the best moments of a space through her camera lens makes everything so easy. Her keen eye for the minutest detail is what makes the difference between a good picture and “the money shot!” Its always a pleasure working through a shoot with Natelee!

Pooja Shah-Mulani

I had the good fortune to meet Natelee through the referral from a fellow interior designer who researched a lot of photographers before selecting Natelee to shoot her projects. Natelee has since shot 7 of my projects in addition to my professional portraits all with incredible attention to detail. I can really say that this investment has paid off; prospective clients have placed confidence in me on account of a professional first impression and Natelee's photos have so much to do with that. Her eye for composition and framing the shot is very unique and always bang-on. The way she captures the lighting in a space and edits the photos imparts a natural, yet dream-like quality that elicits an emotional response in the viewer and elevates the effect of the design. I always look forward to Natelee capturing my future projects!

Natasha Sturko Interiors

Natelee is a talented and professional photographer who we have worked with often to capture our room installations and photo shoots. She allows creatives like us to do what we are good at and manages to capture our passion and dedication on camera every time, just in the right Scandi kinda way we like it. A big plus: she always quickly delivers an end product that we can be very proud of.

Linda Dekkers

Right from my first enquiry, to the photoshoot and receiving the photos, it was a smooth, pleasant process with Natelee. Working with heavy abstract furniture collection is not easy on a hot summer day, but Natelee supported me with setup, took charge of life styling and produced a great set of professional photos for TAM's first catalogue. Highly recommended!

Tam Studio

A lot has changed for Durnford in the three years since we first met. Her brand. Custom No.9 has grown from a small studio working in metal and terrazzo into one of the UAE’s

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