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Boy Meets World by LIVE LOUD GIRL -When Linda showed me the cactus wallpaper of her latest room styling project I couldn’t wait to capture this beauty. If you follow me on INSTAGRAM you’ll know by now, that I have a slight cactus obsession.

Live Loud Girl – One large room, one sweet boy and a thousand books. Those were the ingredients we worked with for our latest room styling and we loved every step of the way.

When we came into the room for the first time, it was quite dark. We brought in some light by painting the floor and spray-painting the existing cabinets. And this time we chose a light grey (and not the usual white… I know!) to create a basic warmer tone that goes well with the furniture.

Two of the walls already had wallpaper that we had to work with, yet we decided to add a third one. One might think that having three different styles of wallpaper in one room is pushing it but we think that the green cactus pattern from ANE WALLDECOR really complements the waves and world map. And besides this, we were dying to work with this gorgeous wall art!

The main focus in the room was the books as this boy has more then an average library. That is why we needed lots of shelving. The open bookcase and the shelves on the wall will soon be filled.
As he loves to start his day with going through them, the big soft woollen beanbag from APRIL AND MAY is the perfect place for him to cuddle up. For his large collection of fossils and shells we added Muuto STORAGE BASKETS in a beautiful mustard yellow color. This color really pops out and gives this space a fresh vibe.

The desk area was already lively with the beautiful world map. We brought some of the map colors into the room with the PET LAMPS, chair and STOOL. For his toys we added two custom made trollies where we could not resist adding our old time favourite mountain design.

We used quite a few regulars that we just love to work with like the cushions and the Armadillo rug. Since the room is so big, we went for the larger version of everything.
For the sleeping area we worked with the existing Oeuf bunk bed, one of our favourites to work with that you might recognize from my own BOYS ROOM? As the boy wanted to sleep on a lower level, we had the bottom bed custom made. Together with some grid bedding from CATS AND BOYS and the monochrome cushions from TYPE HYPE, we kept it clean, fresh and cool. The colorful Muuto WALL KNOBS connect both sides of the room.

For this Dino lover, we ordered a custom-made paper mache wall decoration from SUSAN MEIJERINK, one of our latest Instagram finds. This one of a kind item brings in a special touch. No monster dares to enter this room, that’s for sure!

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