Casa Migos Outdoor - Natelee Cocks
Natelee Cocks
InteriorCasa Migos Outdoor

Casa Migos Outdoor

Monochrome Study is a design practice that creates empathetic spatial experiences. Designing spaces and products that transform the way we live, through a focus on refinement and sustainable elegance. Their process involves designs guided by intrinsic instinct providing distilled forms that are built on the premise of simplicity with soul.

We aim to amplify and connect with an individual’s emotions by tapping into the symbiotic relationship between a person and their space.


First time showcasing in Dubai Design Week at Dubai Downtown design. Downtown Design 2021 is a snapshot of creative genius from around the world. More than a design exhibition, it is a celebration of the human spirit that guides design.

Dubai-based Monochrome study is the brainchild of designer Maria Erausquin who is launching the chic, minimally included atelier at Downtown Design.



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