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Ceramic Studio

COE is a contemporary Art-studio & Store focused on ceramics. We offer our clients a mindful space where they can purchase and learn pottery and participate in our exclusive workshops. ”We want to elevate the experience of pottery through a uniquely designed studio giving our customers a fun space where they can express themselves and unwind from their daily routines. 

Our aim is to deconstruct the idea of an art studio and create a space to free the mind and explore creativity giving our clients the finest materials to sculpt their ideas.”

Design by Mustard & Linen. “Mustard and Linen provide a complete design consultancy service for hospitality, residential, commercial & exhibition projects. We are specialised in creating a brand from scratch.

First, we listen, then we create. We deliver a project by ensuring that all the phases are perfectly achieved, and assist you with the realisation of the project by working closely with the assigned contractor.”

Whether creating a new venue or embarking on a renovation, mustard&linen. offers a creative solution for your outlet to ensure the design of your venue will help drive traffic (when needed), attract customers, and improve efficiency.

We innovate to create successful products which improve people’s lives. Mustard and linen will develop innovative products that stimulate, inspire and become useful to consumers.

A project can’t be accomplished without a proper visual identity. By getting the essence of the brand, Mustard and Linen will help you reveal the personality of your venue.”



Ceramic Studio
Ceramic Studio
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