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C’est ici Decor

Introducing to you, all the way from Colombia, the fun and creative duo called C’est ici Decor.

Behind team C’est ici – Monica + Tatiana, based in Dubai, co-founders of C’est Ici, passionate about interior design, art, styling but most importantly about LIFE.  We like transforming spaces and creating things out of nothing. Our goal is to help our clients build their dream casita, room by room. We believe great design can be both affordable and accessible.

We understand the importance of crafting a home in Dubai without breaking the bank. We believe that our surroundings play a crucial role in our daily mood and appreciation of our day-to-day life. For this and our passion for interior design C’est Ici was born.

Our deepest desire is for your home to reflect your DNA and your origins with a hint of our inspiration.

What does C’est Ici mean? C’est Ici is a destination where interior style meets crafting, creating and more. C’est Ici is your front-row pass to all things lovely and chic. Made with a hint of style, a pinch of home decor inspiration and a scoop of your origins. C’est Ici is a well-rounded recipe for anyone who likes a little bit of sugar and spice.

It’s here where we can help you transform your expat life into a homie and warm place. Our focus is to reinvent your space with your style and a touch of our inspiration. Our aim is to craft the best of your home by capturing the spirit of the client and the essence of space.

C’est ici is convenient, friendly and affordable. Our core services encompass styling advice, concierge buying services, creating style ideas, designing concepts, collaborating, curating shopping list, layout visualization, updating a room for the season, styling of walls and accessories, finding the perfect furniture piece and any other concerns you may have with your casita.

I was lucky enough to photography Tati’s beautiful home or should i say art gallery in Jumeriah Golf Estate. How did Tati’s love for art started? Head over and she will tell you all about the importance of ART in your life.

Welcome ladies and looking forward working on some beautiful projects with you!


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