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Cosentino MEA Capsule Collection

Global leader of innovative and sustainable surfaces, Cosentino announced its collaboration with a consortium of top designers to create the second edition of its Capsule Collection. This limited-edition furniture and home accessories series will be crafted by 5 pioneering practitioners and founders of eminent design houses: Nadine Kanso, Omar Nakkash, Rabah Saeid, Omar Al Gurg and Thomas Trad.

The Cosentino Capsule Collection 2023/24 returns 2 years after its hugely successful debut in 2021. The first edition, an eclectic collection of pieces by Nada Debs, Kart Group, Fadi Sarieddine Design Studio, Aljoud Lootah and The Line Concept, was about ‘Breaking Boundaries’ and interpreting Cosentino’s Dekton Slim, a 4mm ultrathin, ultracompact material, as functional and aesthetic works of art.

While the second edition will continue to be an ode to Dekton Slim, a format born out of Cosentino’s commitment to innovation, sustainability and pushing the boundaries of surface design, it challenges the new cohort to push the frontiers even further and ‘Dare to Play’.

“This iteration is all about creating playful pieces that not only push the boundaries of the material but also the designers’ individual and diverse creative practices. This project is special because it marks our commitment to making in the UAE and showcasing to the world the incredible design talent we have in the Middle East” explained Eddy Abou Khalil, Regional Director, Cosentino Middle East.

Nadine Kanso, one of the most sought-after designers in the region and founder of radical jewelry brand Bil Arabi, is on board to create a bespoke piece through her inimitable style known for its craftsmanship and lyrical beauty that celebrates the essence of modern Arab identity. “As a designer and an artist, this is an opportunity to experience a beautiful new material and fashion it into a product using the best tools in the market” she says.

“Exploring new materials and different scales has always been a passion project of mine. I’m excited to be a collaborator and look forward to conceptualizing a designer piece with such a playful theme” enthused Omar Nakkash, Founder and Design Director at concept-driven, human-centered practice Nakkash Design Studio.

For Founder and Creative Director of Styled Habitat, Rabah Saeid, this collaboration is about expressing her curiosity for product design and development and sees it as “a perfect chance to co-design a piece that is a reflection of Styled Habitat’s multifaceted approach and appreciation for beautiful and functional design.”

Known for inventing interactive, fun and playful objects, Emirati photographer, designer and Founder of furniture brand MODU Method, Omar Al Gurg, is keen to push his creativity by “exploring a completely new material and investigating different methods of working while designing with limitations.” Along the same vein, Beirut based product designer Thomas Trad, an impressive emerging talent from the region, is keen to“journey into uncharted design territory by embracing innovation and exploring the endless creative opportunities that Dekton offers.

The design team will be supported by Dubai-based bespoke furniture craftsmen and luxury fit-out contractor Cherwell, on-board for the second time as the Official Production Partner for the project. Armed with technical expertise, advanced 3D software tools and more than anything else, the practical experience of producing intricate and complex designs in a range of materials, Cherwell is perfectly poised to “translate design dreams into beautifully finished pieces” promises founder Hannah Bower-Brooks.

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