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The Loom Collection is the newest furniture and decor destination in the UAE and it’s set to stay that way: always fresh with new products landing every week. Be prepared for a new shopping experience that doesn’t follow the standard uniform in terms of designs and spaces. 

With its inspiration mostly drawn from Australian and Scandinavian designers, The Loom Collection offers meticulously curated furniture and home decor from sofas to rugs, coffee tables and home decor. Our focus will stay mainly on style, comfort and quality craftsmanship however,however our efforts are driven by ensuring that we can bring these to you at an affordable price. 

The contemporary designs, quality materials, and luxe finishes will transform spaces into homes people love to live in. 

Meet designers behind some of our most iconic furniture items – Ash Every is a self-confessed Design Nerd from Melbourne. He studied interior design at Swinburne University, and since graduating in 2005 has worked on award-winning architecture projects in Melbourne, Brisbane and Tokyo. More recently he has been working as a freelance designer, while also lecturing in Commerical Interior Design at the Billy Blue College of Design. 

In the words of Morten Georgsen, successful storage should, “…fit your home and needs, and it should also please your eye.” And he ought to know. He’s the world-renowned Danish designer behind our entire storage range.

ByKATO is a Danish design company dedicated to creating contemporary, highly usable products for everyday living. The company was established by Karl Rossell and Tonny Glismand, with the byKATO name deriving from the two founders’ names.

“We aim to bridge the gap between commercial industrial design and high-quality craftsmanship, by using honest and justifiable materials and paying careful attention to even the tiniest detail.”

“What we’re looking for is originality and authenticity – designs with character and a history, and we believe that this is the kind of craftsmanship that requires heart and soul as well as true passion for design. ”

Patryk Koca is a Sydney based product designer with a passion for pragmatic functionality and poetic beauty. Within his practice, Patryk engages with a variety of activities including design consulting, lecturing and product development. His robust understanding of materials, process and the technical aspects of design, has led him to collaboratively develop new products for a number of high-end Australian and international furniture and interior brands.

The Loom Collection’s focus is on going against the uniform of home décor while streamlining this entire process by cutting out middle men so customers can enjoy beautiful designs at exceptional value.

Original modern furniture direct to you. 




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