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        Specialising in wild, alluring arrangements the Dubai-based floral boutique Fine Blooms has just launched a redesigned online shopping experience, making ordering a bouquet straight to your home easier than ever before.

        Designed to offer an elevated digital experience, floral boutique Fine Blooms has just unveiled its newly redesigned digital platform. Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Creative Director Chloe Szukilojc has worked as a florist for almost ten years.

        Growing up in a small beach town surrounded by an abundance of nature, Chloe draws inspiration from scenic locations like the seaside, the city or local fruit and vegetable markets. Through her management experience in her hometown, she has sharpened her creative skillset which led her to develop Fine Blooms’ quirky aesthetics, successfully attracting a younger crowd to the art of floristry. “Our main focus at Fine Blooms is to bring attention to this incredible environment and educate people on seeing beauty in the unconventional,” she says.

        Every collection of bouquets at Fine Blooms is tailored around local demands and global trends, each based on a seasonal colour scheme. To prevent customers from being overwhelmed, the online store features just 13 bouquet selections, however, more will become available for special holidays and occasions.

        “We have covered such a wide range of styles and colours so I truly believe there’s an arrangement for everyone,” says Chloe.

        Her expert advice on setting up a ‘perfectly imperfect’ flower arrangement at home?

        “You want your flowers to sit so they are looking like they are supported by the vase,” she says. “If you receive a bouquet make sure that you cut the stems, so the bottom layer of flowers is sitting directly on the lip of the vase. Immediately put the stems into water to stay hydrated. While making flowers, remember to have fun and trust your creative instinct.”

        Fine Blooms is home to a range of floristry services spanning customised bouquets, bespoke events and big installations.