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Iceland 2023

Iceland has become one of the top adventure travel destinations in the world. Though, in many respects, it still feels like a well-guarded secret. Perhaps that’s because of its bountiful natural resources,

empty roads that wind through the vast volcanic landscape, or the swaths of open land with nothing but wild horses and waterfalls for miles.

Besides unimaginable scenery, Iceland provides a wealth of local culture. It’s known for having warm hospitality and a strong national pride in its history and mythology. Reykjavik, the capital and largest city brims with museums, churches, cozy restaurants, and bars. Icelanders are quite friendly and helpful. 

Go get to hunt for the majestic northern lights every evening after dark, searching for this elusive natural phenomenon. Breathtaking views and roads which leads you to untouched nature gems.

One of the best experiences for a while, so definitely put Iceland trip in your bucket list! 

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