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Port de La Mer project was done by Leila Khalil interior design studio. Leila is creative designer with a sophisticated taste who ocus on unique and high-end residential designs.

“I am a passionate designer who loves creating spaces that people can enjoy with their loved ones, and it gives me satisfaction to know that I can use my skills to make a positive impact on people’s lives.

Transforming spaces gives me joy. Even though the process of it can be difficult and stressful, seeing the end result and how it makes people feel is worth all the struggles. I am dedicated and hard-working because I truly love what I do, and I am committed to my long-term success.

My design style is ever-evolving. I love mixing styles and experimenting with new trends.

A combination of new and old is how I would describe my true style and what I am passionate about the most. This can be seen from the design our my home, where I mixed new quirky styles with rustic designs.

My clients are the focus of my work. I am considerate of their requirements, and I work to ensure they can have the best possible experience throughout our interactions. Finding solutions to clients’ requests, challenges during the process, occurring obstacles is something I do well. I understand how to balance time, cost, and quality to provide clients with the best service and value possible. I am honest and transparent with everyone I work with to ensure a smooth and pleasant journey on every project.

I have dedicated time to acquire the theoretical and technical skills required for my role, and I am a lifelong learner who is always eager to learn and grow both personally and professionally. I am interested to work in an environment where teamwork and creativity are encouraged and nurtured, and new ideas are welcome.”

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