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InteriorNana’s Atelier

Nana’s Atelier

Custom no. 9 invites you to meet at Nana’s Atelier. The blueprint of our new collection is a narrative of nostalgia – drawing inspiration from the intricate, feminine corners of a world that makes you feel at home.

Explore intricate feminine details and nostalgic references at a retro space of warmth and familiarity.

Threaded with tales from stories past, and conversations at the Gentleman’s Club, new fabrics are a canvas to their legacy – warm, inviting and rich with comfort and charm.⁣ Feel the gentle touch of nostalgia in the rich textures of pieces, an ode to the quitewhere vintage charm meets contemporary living. 

Where retro elegance finds its place in the modern home. Softened by the golden hues of reminiscence, Custom no. 9 collection invites you to sink into moments of reflection, cushioned by the warmth of Nana’s stories.

To explore more visit Custom no. 9 studio at Al Joud Building 114 or find out more on

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