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InteriorNAQSH Architectural Design Details

NAQSH Architectural Design Details

A boutique design solutions studio with a focus on architecture and interior.

From generating conceptual ideas for residential, hospitality, healthcare, and commercial spaces, to the completed construction of a full-fledged project, NAQSH works closely with the client to achieve the best synthesis of concept, function, and beauty of spaces.

NAQSH focuses on simplicity, natural materials, functional designs and the highest quality of practical details to suit each client’s budget and vision. The work is also based on the unique conditions of each project’s context. NAQSH sets new standards to the way that consultants work with clients.

Services include creating architecture and interior concept designs, developing details, specifying finishes, fixtures and equipment (FF&E), coordinating with local and international suppliers, and leading site supervision. Through a tender process, NAQSH cooperates with qualified and reliable companies in the construction industry, providing the same comprehensive services.


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