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InteriorNM Residence by Studio D04

NM Residence by Studio D04

This interior design project by Studio D04  is blend of simple materials of warm wood, grey flooring, and concrete finishes, creating a harmonious and inviting atmosphere throughout the space.

Each element is carefully curated to cater to the client’s unique needs and style, ensuring a personalized and comfortable living experience.

The introduction of black details, such as decorative lights, track lights, and skirting, adds a touch of sophistication and visual interest, accentuating key features within the design.

The heart of the residence is the show kitchen, with the island of luxurious Calacatta marble, becoming a true centerpiece. The kitchen opens seamlessly into the living room and dining area, encouraging a sense of togetherness and fostering an environment perfect for social gatherings. Throughout these spaces, warm wood accents and grey flooring create a seamless flow, providing a backdrop for the client’s unique taste in decor and furnishings.

The master bedroom first impression features a spacious luxury closet. The ensuite master toilet echoes this theme, with natural light that pours in through an impressive skylight, illuminating the space and enhancing the luxurious feel. And finally the bedroom area warm wood and soft materials exude comfort.

The project’s scope also extends to the lobby, where an awe-inspiring skylight welcomes visitors and fills the area with natural light, setting the tone for the rest of the residence. The project concept weaves together simple materials, thoughtful detailing, and luxurious accents, creating an interior design that exemplifies modern comfort, personal style, and a welcoming ambiance throughout the entire space.

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