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InteriorNozomi, Riyadh Saudi Arabia

Nozomi, Riyadh Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia’s Japanese dining scene, Nozomi is already a household name. Nozomi has perfected the art of giving comfort foods a luxe touch. The esprit underlying NOZOMI is one based on subtly fusing an entertainment and dining experience.

Diners walk through a pathway to the main dining area that takes its inspiration from traditional Japanese architecture, replete with bamboo, rich timbers, and textured stone walls.

Every detail of the space is designed with an intimate yet inviting edge.
Expansive booths snake around the restaurant floor, with plush armchairs huddled up in intimate corners. The golden metallic chain columns not only serve as space partitioners, but they embellish the lavish setting.

Nozomi’s design brief for Forsite Creative was centered around creating a unique yet modernized interpretation of traditional Japanese interiors for an atmospheric night venue. Natural materials needed to sourced from the Far East to create an authentic environment and marriage between stone, metal and wood work for nature defying elements that challenge the senses and laws of gravity.

The low-ceilinged space proved to be challenging in both conceptual development and execution. Creating nature defying features such as mammoth stone walls while structurally reenforcing the foundations of the building and river ceilings with floating lanterns without looking gimmicky was a mission for designers and contractors. Sourcing raw materials from the east and finding unique ways to illuminate was the second challenge.

A softly illuminated molten metallic river ceiling inspired by ancient Japanese traditions starts the guest’s arrival journey. Large stone blocks wrap around the lounge alluding to mountainous regions in Japan with sunray like structures penetrating raw stone bar onto the floor. The main dining area itself is clad in warm teak & reclaimed wood further engulfed by golden metallic light columns prompting an illusions interchanging up from down.


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