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        Rolf Benz Giveaway by Live Loud Girl – Two weeks ago Linda from Live Loud Girl invited me to her beautiful home. LIVE LOUD GIRL did a Giveaway with ROLF BENZ and Linda wanted to show her readers how small and simple changes with a couple of statement pieces can transform your living space. The bonus was that those beautiful pieces from the ROLF BENZ Collection, were up for grabs.

        The first image is Linda’s gorgeous living room without any of the Rolf Benz pieces. Throughout the post she added some of the pieces… I was amazed by what the difference it made, and completely changed the looks and feel of the space.

        I hope you enjoy this post as I much as I did photographing it.  And who wouldn’t want to have a sneak peak in to a creative and stylists home, like Linda’s.

        Head over to LIVE LOUD GIRL site for some styling tips & inspiration.LiveLoudGirl_201016_0002 LiveLoudGirl_201016_0013LiveLoudGirl_201016_0009 LiveLoudGirl_201016_0017 LiveLoudGirl_201016_0020LiveLoudGirl_201016_0003LiveLoudGirl_201016_0015 LiveLoudGirl_201016_0023 LiveLoudGirl_201016_0027 LiveLoudGirl_201016_0028 LiveLoudGirl_201016_0029 LiveLoudGirl_201016_0031 LiveLoudGirl_201016_0004