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Sama Santani, Sri Lanka

Sama Santani resort is located at Kosgada beach. It’s a small, quiet beach town on the southwestern coast of Sri Lanka, approximately 50 km north of Galle and 120 km, or 2 hours, south of Bandaranaike International Airport.The breezy coastal town is known for its turtle conservation project and turtle nesting areas, where five (green, olive ridley, loggerhead, hawksbill and leatherback turtles) of the seven species of marine turtles nest on the local beaches.

A hidden haven where peace and joy sits still.

A far cry from being one of the typical beach hotels in down south Sri Lanka, at Sama you’ll find that we’re not part of the crowd. Sama Santani is a simple and unpretentious in the luxuries to offer.

Slip in to natural pool in the shade of trees and let the pure, sun-dappled water embrace you. Find the infinity pool, hidden in the trees, but with unbroken views of the sea and swim up to the pool bar for a refreshing drink. Take all the time you need at wellness centre or to enjoy a yoga programme – if that is not the main focus of your stay.

Beyond the seclusion of Sama you’ll find many things to do in the vicinity and further away – such as the Southern cultural hub of Galle.

Learn about the rare turtles that visit the Southern coast with a visit to a turtle hatchery and conservation site. The projects rescue and protect turtle eggs – ensuring that they hatch safely. The baby turtles are then released back into the ocean.

On the coastline, fishing is the way of life. Take a little time with  naturalist to visit a nearby fishing village and to watch the hussle and haggle at the local fish market known as a ‘Lellama’. You can even take your pick off the catch of the day for our Chef to prepare to your liking.

Discover the island life- near or far.

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