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ArchitectureThe Dubai Edition Architecture

The Dubai Edition Architecture

The highly-anticipated Dubai EDITION has now opened, complete with architectural and interior design by LW Design in collaboration with Ian Schrager Company, New York.

Set in the heart of Dubai, the hotel is housed within an impressive 100m high tower, atop a podium rotated 45 degrees off-axis to maximise views of the nearby Burj Khalifa. The exquisitely crafted façade has been designed by Cristina Wakamatsu, Design Director & Partner at LW, in a blend of bronze screens, subtly textured grey cladding, natural stone and timber. 

An unrivaled ambience of beauty and comfort.

Dubai EDITION marks the first hotel for which LW Design has completed both the architecture and interiors and, having started on the project almost five years ago, Pooja Shah-Mulani, design director at LW Design, describes the journey as the most intense but rewarding experience, making its completion the pinnacle of her career to date. “The fusion of working with an international brand such as The EDITION, in one of the most prestigious locations in Dubai, and for a client that trusted us to deliver an exceptional product, meant that expectations were only ever going to push creative boundaries into delivering something very special,” she says. 

“It was more complicated than we thought to create something effortless while still creating something that would have the biggest impact in the market by being completely different. Having maintained our philosophy of designing to current trends through organic simplicity, the result has exceeded expectations, and we are incredibly thrilled with the outcome.”

When guests arrive, they enter into a vast triple-height space, complete with a breathtaking chandelier and  central spiral staircase connecting the lobby to other public spaces and dining destinations.

Matching the EDITION’s vision about design, the brief was to ensure that the spaces never look ‘designed’ but feel appropriately comfortable with effortless and elegant luxury. The furnishings chosen are not lent to a particular era; they are timeless, classic and comfortable and flatter the understated luxury synonymous with the brand. 



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