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Design duo Newsha Dastaviz and Dana Almatrook have come a long way since first launching an online custom furniture platform in Dubai nearly five years ago. Today, The Line Concept is one of the region’s most respected design brands, servicing private clients and design professionals alike. Its knack for delivering custom solutions is only matched by the duo’s creative flair, evident in their annual in-house collections. Their latest collection – ReFormia.

The ReFormia Collection features wave details with a solid frame.

A true reformation of a conventional mirror, for The Line Concept reinvisages the standing mirror as an art piece and sculpture. Featuring the organic shapes seen across the ReFormia collection, these conversation pieces come in different shades of both structure and mirrors.

The PILLAR Armchair. The Line Concept’s infamous Pillar chair makes a comeback in two forms for this collection. This version comes in armchair form in a mixture of a thin colored steel frame and complimenting rust velvet fabric. Unexpectedly comfortable and available in different colors, finishes and fabrics.

The AURA Console plays on asymmetry from every angle from which it is viewed. The focus on the transient shape is permitted through it’s uniform color. The sliced top is a stark contrast gilded in a full brass surface.

The OYSTER Coffee Table reflects the organic shape and movement of the ocean and in particular the oyster and it’s pearl. The unconventional use of marble only under the table emulates the seaweed and ocean floor in an understated manner. A functional coffee table yet a sculpture for the home.

The TREFOIL Side Table. A playful take on a side table, as a sculpture, as a pedestal: the Trefoil side table plays on the theme of spheres in this collection in an almost floral form. To be placed alongside a seat element or on its own. Featured for this collection in natural oak and travertine, as well as a bold rust color.

The FLOW Sideboard from The ReFormia Collection is simple yet intricate in form; it’s organic waves, bold rust color and choice of surface in rosed mirror makes this a statement piece. The irregular facade opens to reveal the luxury of a full capacity in storage space.

The FRAME Chair and Bar stool – a feature chair or a functional barstool- the FRAME is as interesting from the front view as it is from back. Seemingly unapproachable, but surprisingly comfortable.

The MORPHIA Sideboard, a decadent sideboard with a lot to contemplate, this feature piece blends the stark sharpness of the pointed slants with a spherical leg. The store top wraps around the piece to create a floating effect.

The COBBLE Coffee Table features a nickel mirror surface that creates an illusion of fluidity. The organic shaped top creates a contrast to the steel legs, inspired and evolved from The Line Concept’s previous Grace Table.

The FLOW Dining Table. An evolution of The Line Concept’s Guild Table, the dining table is a reformation from our previous collections to reflect the asymmetric and organic features of this collection, yet keeping with the guilded brass plates on the leg facades. A glass top allows for an artful showcase of the legs.

The SHARD Side table from The ReFormia Collection. This sculptural side table features a block of travertine with organic rough-cut edge cradled by a shard of antiqued brass on both the facade and table top.

The MOJ Dining Table is a sculptural take on a practical dining table. Playing on the assymetry and organic themes of their Reformia collection, this piece features a mixture of steel and column legs and a combination of light and dark travertine, this piece brings an earthy and textured design to what is essentially a practical dining table. The legs allow for leg clearance all around the table and maximization of guests when in use.

The MIGHI Sideboard is a combination of sideboard and console, featuring movable circular marble plates on the top and the shelf. This piece combines elements of solid wood, steel and stone with grace. Featured here in a Taupe tone with black terrazzo stone and hand carved solid wood slats.

The HEX Table from The ReFormia Collection. An asymmetric hexagon takes center stage and shows off its highlighted facades in stone and brass. The glass tabletop serves as a vitrine for a sculptural base. Can also be used as a side table or pedestal without the glass top.



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