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        The Loom Collection is the newest furniture and decor destination in the UAE and it’s set to stay that way: always fresh with new products landing every week. Be prepared for a new shopping experience that doesn’t follow the standard uniform in terms of designs and spaces. 

        With its inspiration mostly drawn from Australian and Scandinavian designers, The Loom Collection offers meticulously curated furniture and home decor from sofas to rugs, coffee tables and home decor. Our focus will stay mainly on style, comfort and quality craftsmanship however,however our efforts are driven by ensuring that we can bring these to you at an affordable price. 

        The contemporary designs, quality materials, and luxe finishes will transform spaces into homes people love to live in. 

        Being direct is one of our core principles, and this is how we are able to deliver such incredible value. 

        Traditional retailers typically have a number of middlemen between the production process and you, the customer. Our obsession with efficiency means we cut out many of these middlemen and deliver exceptional products at unrivaled value.

        Since launching in 2019, we’ve made it our mission to make great style easy, long-lasting and well-priced. We work directly with our manufacturers to produce unique, durable pieces using high-quality materials. This direct relationship means we can bring you beautiful modern furniture and decor at unrivaled value. 

        Original modern furniture direct to you. Here at The Loom Collection we believe that great quality and great design go hand in hand. We also like to be direct and cut out excess costs, which is how we’re able to deliver amazing designs at accessible prices.

        The Loom Collection’s focus is on going against the uniform of home décor while streamlining this entire process by cutting out middle men so customers can enjoy beautiful designs at exceptional value.