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        Zeste Cafe by LW Design – Whether you are socializing over a coffee or connecting to the network to catch up on emails, Zeste Café is your neighborhood spot, with a selection of organic and healthy delights to keep up daily energy levels.

        LW Design – ‘A playful selection of FF&E make each experience a different one, with dining as well as lounge seating available dotted around the space. A mix of eclectic lighting & accessories add another layer of casual yet relatable design. Lifestyle collectibles adorn the full height walls to create a more intimate and inviting atmosphere. As full height gypsum partitions were not an options, a combination of rope screens, Semi Open Timber screens filled with eclectic accessories and plants were used as dividers between spaces and to create privacy between the different users. Additional planter boxes with pendants create yet another visual separation while still giving you a glimpse of the activity on the other side.’

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