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InteriorA Classic Modern Appeal

A Classic Modern Appeal

Shapes and levels – it’s a fine balance. The transformation of beautiful Hattan Lakes project- a classic modern appeal.

Stark whites and classic herringbone form a backdrop to an elegant and modern interior. Cold hues balanced with brass details create a fresh, airy and sophisticated vibe.

Designed in collaboration with Oka ceramics the porcelain pieces stand out so beautifully against the blue back wall and form such a balanced contrast with the linearity of the sideboard. This minimalist shelf design for our clients dining room makes for a subtle but sleek drinks service corner.

Sometimes you just have to embrace the architectural features of the room and enhance their beautiful potential. The clock in the wall. We called it the “carving of the melon” because of its softer rounded edges.

“When I decided to redecorate my house I knew I was looking for someone with the right energy to work with. My first impressions of Ranim were that she’s a very calm and warm soul. And I feel like that reflects in her work. She views things with such positivity and passion that its fun to watch and work with.

Her dedication to her work and the hours that she puts in are commendable and all with utmost professionalism. Ranim managed to understand my vision for my home and accurately brought it to life. All the while making the process seamless. She challenged my views where she should have and encouraged me to push out of my comfort zone. And I must say I’m very happy with the results. She has created a space that truly reflects who I am and I cannot wait to share this space with friends and family! It’s been a pleasure working with you Ranim.”

Ranim Mortada – “I am a UK-qualified interior designer with a degree from the Inchbald School of Design. Passionate about creating spaces and experiences. I design because I love it. All of it. My approach to work is professional, responsible, and pragmatic. Love mixing high-end design with “little affordable finds that spark Joy”.
















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