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InteriorA Duplex New Look

A Duplex New Look

Founded by Waad Kansou, who is architect by profession and interior designer living in Dubai.

“This Central Park Towers Apartment is getting a new look. We designed a seamless kitchen which is connected perfectly with this gorgeous floor to ceiling library, that has a ladder all the way up, for our client to have access for all the books easily.

Let’s just take a moment and stare at these two gorgeous armchairs from Arflex. The color and fabric are exactly what we had in mind! We also loved how sleek they are and yet super comfortable. Paring them with this brass, wood and marble coffee table from And Tradition came on point. And of course we loved the contrast and elegance they added with all this wood and marble we have!

Small space gives way to even more kitchen innovation. Designing a no-kitchen kitchen concept, integrated within the library, and having a flawless space was a challenge.

So, we aimed to have everything concealed in this kitchen, lots of wood yet balanced with marble, natural warmth and luxury look, handless kitchen cabinets, clever storage, hidden laundry area, and a cooking space to be as invisible as possible.”



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