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        Beautiful renovation and interior design at Al Manara residence by Studio D04.

        Studio D04 focuses on producing designs that are niche in nature and unique, while leveraging indigenous elements and concepts to achieve progressive modern designs.

        Our interactions are characterized in being personal while ensuring functionality goes hand in hand with design. The studio was established in 2014, and since then it worked on a range of projects, it is experienced in realizing architectural projects, renovations, interior design projects and product design.

        This project is a Studio D04 project. Beautiful lines, marble around, touch of Scandinavian-­inspired finishes with an emphasis on local living.

        Al Awar and Al Zaabi’s quest to form identities as female, Arab architects, while balancing traditional expectations. “People in this region aren’t used to meeting women who are driving the project,” says Al Awar. 

        “We get underestimated all the time,” adds Al Zaabi. “Not only because we’re female but because we’re local, too. We really don’t like playing the female card, or even the local card – we really want our work to speak for itself. Starting our own company was part of the narrative early on. It’s a collaborative industry, so knowing that we worked well together was imperative.”

        Al Manara Residence | Renovation + Interior Design | Dubai, UAE