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Area Beige is a multidisciplinary and creative platform where we offer premium luxury Perfumes, Artifacts created by our in-house artist and Design Studio for interior designing and architecture. It is a one-of-a-kind concept in the region visualized by our founders which takes the customer on a journey from exquisite fragrances to art and design.

We are the exclusive distributors of the brands of the niche Perfumes which are sourced from different parts of the world. Our aim is to offer our valued customers something they have never tried earlier. Area Beige spotlights globally sourced rare fragrances and collectable art by local artists and makers.

Curated by Emirati trio — Mohammad Badri, Issa Al Nuaimi, and Al Awar – the boutique sells some of the best niche perfumes that have been sourced from around the world. The brands that are stocked include Miya Shinma (Japan), Edward Bess (US), and Spezierie Palazzo Vecchio (Italy).

Besides perfumery, art plays an important role at Area Beige. A dedicated section displays artworks and merchandise that spans sketchbooks, tote bags, and mugs. 

Area Beige aims to be a place where design, art, and perfume come together. Why is it important to have this multi-disciplinary approach?

Whatever you see now, whether it’s painting, design, fashion or even food, is some form of art. This is the common theme that you will see at Area Beige. Area Beige wants to nurture that and provide a platform to look through new perspectives, which will ignite creativity, innovate, and inspire a new generation of artists and designers.

How did you select the fragrances for the boutique? Are there any commonalities between them?

All the fragrances on display at Area Beige take me back to a certain memory, whether it’s a memorable trip or a certain occasion. These are brands that I have shortlisted and hand-picked myself so they are very special to me. I wanted to bring unique and niche fragrances to the market in the UAE, so people can discover these brands, and hopefully, appreciate them as much as I do. 

What can we expect from the upcoming perfume lab?

We have just launched Area Beige. We will look into opening a perfume lab in the future and will use this time to understand our customers’ preferences and what connects them to each scent note. This research will also be valuable to help us create our own line of niche scents.

What are your personal favourite perfumes that can be found in-store, and why?

It’s very difficult to choose a few favourites as each brand caters to different tastes and times of the year, and that is no exception to my favourites either.

Since the weather has become warm, and it’s the summer season, I would personally use a citrusy or fresh perfume such as Yamabuki by Miya Shinma, Bergamote Twist by Jul Et Mad, Cedar Blue by 1907, a beautiful marine or floral fragrance by Mirko Buffini, or something with eight types of white musk like Stairway to Heaven by Jul Et Mad.

What role does art play in the space? Would the artworks be rotated over a period of time?

Art is an overarching theme for Area Beige, which is designed to create a dialogue between perfume, architecture, design, and art to create a multi-sensory trail.

Led by my partner and artist Issa Al Nuaimi (aka Issa Black), it will feature mixed-media work (painting, sculpture, digital, photography, etc.) bridging the gap between traditional Emirati culture and modern art. His recent work honours his mother Maryam and shares his deep connection with her. It also talks about our Emirati roots. The other section of the gallery connects with a younger audience through the use of popular characters and symbols.

The store mentions that it will act as a platform to empower other local talents and artists. Could you elaborate on the upcoming plans for this outreach?

It will be a hub to collaborate with well-known and emerging artists to help cultivate new ideas and thinking. As mentioned previously, opening a perfume lab is in the works for the future, and collaborating and commissioning the artworks of local and international artists is certainly a part of our strategy as well.  

Last but not least, we are planning to have workshops for our customers. This is not to only engage in the retail section of Area Beige, but to have learning experiences through courses specialised in perfumery and the very diverse and different forms of art, hosted by the best instructors and professionals in the industry.

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