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Natasha Sturko

In a world sometimes marred by uncertainty, we understand the need for sanctuaries of peace, joy and balance.

With her decades of global nomadic experience, NCIDQ certified principal designer Natasha Sturko derives inspiration from nature and the many cultures she’s been grateful to live among in the Middle East, Asia, Europe and North America.

A lover of various architecture and design styles, she finds joy in creating new alliances that result in thoughtfully layered spaces.

Her design aesthetic blends the old with the new, dark with the light, interior with exterior, global with local. Often an earthy, grounded backdrop for moments of shameless indulgence… with comfort & function always at the forefront. A rich variety allows its user to rediscover their environment over time.

Specializing in all things custom – furniture, finishes, lighting & joinery – both renovation and ground-up interior architecture for various sectors, we look forward to discussing your project.

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