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InteriorBab Al Shams Zala Restaurant

Bab Al Shams Zala Restaurant

All-day dining restaurant Zala, dishes are inspired by Ottoman and Greek cuisine.  Between Bab Al Shams restaurants and lounges, every experience is a sensory celebration, complete with live entertainment, breathtaking panoramas, and authentic cuisines.

Where Middle Eastern culture meets a radiant love for life, 

Bab Al Shams is a go-to desert experience just 45 minutes from downtown Dubai, or 60 minutes from Dubai International Airport. Inspired by the limitless wonder of the landscape and the stories of its people, our one-of-a-kind-resort embraces elegant contemporary rooms and suites within distinctive modernist architecture. Gaze out over enigmatic desert panoramas or secluded courtyard gardens, with the option of a private terrace or balcony.

At Bab Al Shams, celebrate life with vibrant dining experiences and eclectic entertainment. Relax beside beautiful adult and family pools shaded by desert palms; surrender to mindful healing at the spa. From sunrise to sunset, fill your days with wondrous desert adventures – hot-air balloon rides, Arabian horse riding, camelback trekking, falconry, nomadic nature tours to Al Marmoom and more. For a theatrical open-air dining experience that brings alive the soul of Arabia, feast under the stars and enjoy mesmerising entertainment at Al Hadheerah.

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