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InteriorWelcome to Bab Al Shams

Welcome to Bab Al Shams

The awe-inspiring location, heritage architecture and bespoke design, unparalleled attention to detail and unique culinary offerings ensure that Bab Al Shams is the most sought-after desert retreat in the Emirates.

The eclectic and contemporary Arabic theme creatively maintains much of its original heritage, allowing a re-launch with style and cultured desert experiences.

Initially opened in 2004, Bab Al Shams is 45 minutes from the heart of Dubai and close to a range of attractions, including desert safaris, hot air ballooning, camel trekking, horse riding, falconry, cycling and Al Qudra artificial lakes for the authentic desert experience. LW Design has preserved the legacy of Bab Al Shams, rare finds hotel & resorts by Kerzner International,  as the longest-running desert escape in the United Arab Emirates.

With a design narrative centred around ‘The Lost Princess’, Bab Al Shams is her ultimate sanctuary of luxury and unforgettable journeys. Interior design elements subtly weave through her iconic heritage tied deeply to her customs while celebrating the glamour of modern-day Arabia. The resort’s carefully considered architectural integration with existing forms and materials provides an enhanced guest experience.

The overall fabric of the design is a seamless blend of contemporary Arabic elements and sustainable heritage. During the concept phase, the design team paid particular attention to preserving and re-purposing key furniture pieces, iconic artwork and accessories into the new design, adding to the resort’s overall sustainable value and heritage.

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