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InteriorBab Al Shams Room Interiors

Bab Al Shams Room Interiors

With a design narrative centred around ‘The Lost Princess’, Bab Al Shams is her ultimate sanctuary of luxury and unforgettable journeys. Interior design elements subtly weave through her iconic heritage tied deeply to her customs while celebrating the glamour of modern-day Arabia. The resort’s carefully considered architectural integration with existing forms and materials provides an enhanced guest experience.

The overall fabric of the design is a seamless blend of contemporary Arabic elements and sustainable heritage. During the concept phase, the design team paid particular attention to preserving and re-purposing key furniture pieces, iconic artwork and accessories into the new design, adding to the resort’s overall sustainable value and heritage.

The resort is inspired by the traditional architecture of Arabian fortified villages, designed to create shade, deflect the harsh desert sunlight, and keep interiors cool.

Rooms are spread over adobe-walled blocks, interspersed by palms and native ghaf trees, and traversed by winding pathways with water features reminiscent of the region’s ancient falaj system of irrigation. 

The 115 rooms and suites have undergone a complete overhaul, becoming lighter, fresher, clutter-free spaces. You’ll still find Arabian design touches, but they are updated to feel more relevant, more relaxed, and far less clichéd. Gone are the heavy traditional textiles, ochre walls, and clunky dark wood furniture, replaced instead by pale color palettes with accents of teal and mustard, exposed beams, and softly lit alcoves. The traditional style of architecture means that windows are on the small side, but most rooms and all suites have a balcony or terrace.

Bathrooms have large mirrors reflecting available light to avoid them feeling overly dark and are stocked with refillable PETA-approved amenities scented with Arabian oud. Showers are clad with marble mosaics in shades of sand and lapis lazuli; book a Deluxe Suite and you’ll have a deep-soaking tub.

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