Natelee Cocks
InteriorBrew Cafe

Brew Cafe

Clean, bold, playful, textured paints and greenery evoke a sense of nature and simplicity at Brew cafe. The perfect setting for your blend of choice.

Clean geometries combined with soft lines.

H2R Design styled the café Brew, for a client who is passionate about coffee. The design concept was to develop an environment that is natural and casual, where patrons can get an introduction to special blends of coffee. Inspired by its location, the designers created a vibrant and relaxing space through the use of natural tones, pops of colour, and a careful selection of materials and textures. To achieve this, a focus was placed on using materials that added warmth, allowing light to pass through gently, resulting in a revitalized space mixed with textured painted walls and wooden furniture. The decor follows the natural theme with light surfaces and notable in its clean minimalist interior. 

H2R is a young, progressive design firm that has made its mark creating spaces with significance, influence and soul.

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