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        Bringing beautiful scents from around the world to your homes. Located at Mirdif 35 center ground floor, this shop brings hidden gems from all over the world.

        From home perfume to scenic candles. In this shop, you can find your favorite smell of all. Exquisite hand-poured soy wax candles, “Nightbloom” from Amanda-Jayne Candles. A honey-sweet floral bouquet with fruity undertones and smooth woody accents. It has a rich floral fragrance, which is warm and exotic. It’s the perfect candle to light in the evening for a gentle unwind.

        Maison Louis Marie, a botanical tradition since 1792. Roll-on perfume oil available in 3 different scents. Apply to pulse points any time you desire. Beautifully aromatic products come in simple packages.

        Maison Blanche, Australian brand from Sydney. Soy wax candles available at our store in four different fragrances. COTTON & CHAMOMILE – a fresh linen scent featuring floral notes of ylang-ylang, star jasmine & Mimosa flower with sweet & herbaceous aroma of wild chamomile.

        An uplifting and refreshing green scent that transports you to Trollskogen, a magical forest of Öland. Not that I’ve been there but it beautifully captured that enchanted forest essence- Amoln.

        “Chado”, brings Japanese tea ceremony experiences to your surroundings through sophisticated green tea scents, Japanese neroli, clouds of Okinawan flowers and guaiac wood.

        You will not be disappointed if will choose to bring those beautiful scents in your home space.

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