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Did you know that we have a grown-up menu with a wide selection of food and beverages for you to enjoy while the little ones are busy?

The entire White and the Bear concept has been meticulously designed with children in mind. Think tiny little tables and chairs, kid-size sinks and taps in the bathrooms, kid-friendly cuisine, cutlery and design touches, a curated boutique, and a dedicated workshop and party space.

But while the littles ones are busy, White + Bear created special menu for their parents as well! You can enjoy the nicest Arabic coffee or some freshly squeezed juices from the our littles ones bar.

Founded by Emirati mother Hana Al Mulla, White, and the Bear is located in Jumeirah 3 – a stone’s throw from The Huntr approved RX Coffee & Apothecary. The light-filled space is spread over two floors. At the bottom, there’s the main restaurant, which is split between 85% of kid’s seating and 15% adults, plus a little retail wall.

Upstairs you will find the boutique, which features a curated selection of high-quality, hand-picked brands including OMY stationary, Grey Label RTW, Design Letters crockery, and cutlery, plus other books, gifts, and small toys. There’s also a room dedicated to workshops and parties upstairs, plus a well-appointed, cozy feeding and changing room.

While we are exited to having kids in mind, White + Bear don’t want their parents leave the place with empty belly. On the menu we offer Lime smashed avocado with poached eggs served on a crusty sourdough bread with beetroot whipped labneh, cajun roasted chickpeas, and feta.

The same goes for tasty pancakes or bao buns. Don’t forget that their all products are possible to make nut-free, gluten-free, lactose-free, and egg-free.

What is the best way to spend amazing afternoon with your littles ones than in the place which is built with the kids in mind!




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