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InteriorBlind Tiger by LW Design

Blind Tiger by LW Design

The space pays homage to the ‘Queens of Speakeasies’ by creating a rich and extravagantly styled bar where patrons are comfortable in indulgent surroundings with a heady atmosphere of clandestine intrigue, fun and mischief.

A seamless blend of Art Deco-inspired detailing complemented with a vintage vibe is apparent in the time-honoured attention to detail and meticulous craftsmanship in the joinery and furniture. Hand-painted golden-hued Venetian skies frame antique ceiling mirrors, adding further depths of collusion.

Deep blue wall panels accommodate chinoiserie-style wallpaper creating layers of intrigue and interest throughout the bar.

Designed by LW Design with Fit-out by KOJ Interiors, Blind Tiger is a contemporary lounge in a friendly ambiance with a strong character. The project is inspired by a forest theme and this is communicated into the environment with key design elements like artworks, lighting, furniture, materials and colors, giving a unique identity to the lounge.  The lighting approach for this space consists of both architectural and decorative lighting inspired by the twilight sky in a forest. The hidden architectural lights help sculpt the spaces and accentuate their geometry. 

Inside, the seating area is clad in dark furniture and adorned with minimal lighting design to the refined interiors. To further complement this style, the restaurant is designed with 2 doors to showcase a view of Jumeirah Al Naseem, bringing the outdoor in, an interplay of natural and artificial light. Through their design they tried to create a pleasant atmosphere which predominates a contemporary aesthetic with a touch of elegance. The base color being green, orange and yellow used very intelligently in the lighting, furniture, flooring and wallpapers go off with a bang in this space calling for the right kind of attention.

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