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InteriorSiro Hotel by Kerzner

Siro Hotel by Kerzner

SIRO believes your passion for living well shouldn’t be restrained to a place; it should be attainable anywhere. We inspire you to become the best version of yourself and celebrate every milestone along the way.

Our ambition is to lead the fitness and recovery hospitality space by delivering meaningful sport and wellbeing journeys. Here are our core pillars that will bring the experience to life.

Functional fitness is the core essence of SIRO’s training methodology. A state-of-the-art fitness facility at the heart of the hotel will boast a minimum 1,000m2 gym designed for flexible fitness programs, as well as ample studios for group classes, use of local sports venues and a 25m lap pool.

SIRO’s food philosophy is focused on providing a perfectly balanced, nutritious and enjoyable experience for guests, which feels satisfying and fulfilling to eat. Healthy food can be fun too. Our cocktail programs feature reduced alcohol options, and continue the philosophy of utilizing natural, organic produce. Sugar syrups are replaced with agave and wild honeys, with fresh herbs, spices and aromatics adding depth of flavour. We provide an extensive range of non-alcoholic spirits and kombuchas for gut-health. We do not offer mainstream high sugar or artificially flavored soft drinks.

SIRO hotels will also feature an extensive menu of signature and bespoke shakes, making it quick and easy for guests to enjoy pre or post workout nutrition, while supporting their own diet plans. The Social Hub shake bar is central to SIRO’s drinks offering – designed to create a meeting point for guests and members to socialise and connect.

Wellness experts will be on hand at each SIRO location to help guests adopt new healthy and sustainable sleep rituals and behaviours.

Every SIRO guest room is designed as a ‘Recovery Cocoon’ for guests with the latest technology in place to improve physical and mental recovery, mitigate jet lag, enhance mood and ensure restorative sleep.

Each SIRO hotel will feature a dedicated Recovery Lab, offering recovery focused treatments that utilise the latest in fitness technology.

The Recovery Lab provides a range of alternative therapies and services, including cryotherapy, infrared and oxygen therapy, as well as physiotherapy, acupuncture and signature stretch protocols – all to improve blood circulation, reduce stress and aid sleep.

Dedicated mindfulness coaches will lead workshops and specialised classes in breathing, meditation, visualisation and life-coaching techniques.

Classes will take place in purpose-built mindfulness studios; calming spaces within each hotel, with mindful sound design, dynamic lighting and ambience systems.

Wellness pods will be available to use at any time, located throughout each hotel site. Guests will be able to unwind with ambient soundscapes and animations to restore energy and inner calm after a long flight.

Technology is in our DNA. SIRO’s purpose-built digital ecosystem will connect us to our guests and our guests to each other, through a seamless, effortless and paperless experience. It begins pre-stay when guests check-in for the first time, and offers a year-round connection to SIRO between hotel stays.

The SIRO app is at the heart of this. Users will have access to engaging content, class and treatment booking systems, practical information and a clean UX. Guests will use the app for virtual training, nutritional planning, gamification and vitality tracking, among other features.

The app’s easy-to-use interface will also facilitate mobile check-in, keyless room entry and control of the many interactive elements in guest rooms and fitness areas – from your room’s natural wake-up system, to competition and results boards throughout the gym floor.

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