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        “Your space is a breath of art. Let’s give it a touch of novel color, effortless sense of style, romance, and a French poetic twist to make it soulful.

        The best rooms have something to say about the people living in them. The details are not the details. They make the design.  The Rainbow collection gorgeous personalised oval mirrors instantly enhance the décor of any room. 

        The minimalist veneer tray adds a whimsical touch to the interior. A veneer Rainbow Tray can go a long way to add beauty to your regular space. Add elements that will calm your soul and soothe your soul. Rainbow Trays comes in 5 different colors with Veneer finish.

        Lili’s Table brings elegance and enhances space thanks to the sophisticated white color. Decorating Golden Rule: Live with what you love. 

        Add a Floating Rainbow Wall Shelf to your space for a lively feel. The upside down rainbow shelves float effortlessly in any setting for an ideal modern look.”

        – How did it started?

        “It always starts with an idea or a dream. Sometimes it turns into something above my expectations or it turns into something that I dislike or don’t see beauty in it. 
        I find it quite difficult to translate an idea into something concrete or sometimes to even translate it into words.

        The idea of creating a furniture collection started 2 years ago, but I actually started properly working on it last august 2020.

        I needed to gain confidence in this new adventure that I was about to start. I needed to believe in it and have the right mind set.. and trust me it doesn’t come easily. You need the right people around you and to live in the right environment. 

        People… well, I couldn’t wish for anything better. From the bottom of my heart I can confidently say that I am blessed to be around friends and family that always believed in me and my creativity. Although lacks of inspiration for my creative mind, I couldn’t ask for any better place to start a new business.”