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Monochrome Study is a design practice that creates empathetic spatial experiences. Designing spaces and products that transform the way we live, through a focus on refinement and sustainable elegance.

Their process involves designs guided by intrinsic instinct providing distilled forms that are built on the premise of simplicity with soul. We aim to amplify and connect with an individual’s emotions by tapping into the symbiotic relationship between a person and their space.

If I can have my tea whilst admiring the sunset, that to me, is a successful day.

Dubai-based Monochrome Study is the brainchild of designer Maria Erausquin. “I like to enjoy the things I do, to the point where I don’t even feel like it’s work. After working in a large design firm for six years, I experienced a demanding, fast-paced work schedule with constant deadlines. Although it was thrilling in the beginning, towards the end it became exhausting and numb. Hence why I wanted to explore venturing on my own, in order to find a pace that was aligned with my essence.

So here we are, launching my own studio, focusing on residential and commercial projects. This led me to develop some signature furniture pieces, which has shed a light on a process I deeply enjoy. It’s gradually turning into a furniture line, which I’m really excited about.”

“Erausquin’s debut collection of Travertine coffee tables carries the soft profile of stone caressed and gently eroded over time by the desert at Dubai Design week.. Erausquin’s use of Travertine not only alludes to the textures of the desert, but also lends a golden patina that makes us want to believe that these pieces have been around for a very long time.”



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