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Clay In Action

COE is a contemporary Art-studio & Store focused on ceramics. We offer our clients a mindful space where they can purchase and learn pottery and participate in our exclusive workshops.

​We want to elevate the experience of pottery through a uniquely designed studio giving our customers a fun space where they can express themselves and unwind from their daily routines.

Our aim is to deconstruct the idea of an art studio and create a space to free the mind and explore creativity giving our clients the finest materials to sculpt their ideas.

Our introductory session is a brilliant way to get a feel for working with clay on the wheel, a practice which is known as “throwing”.

Each participant will have their own wheel and be carefully taught through the process by an expert tutor. Whether you book for yourself or a group of friends, this is a wonderfully social and spirited introduction to the joys of throwing.

You will learn how to centre (secure the clay on the wheel) and throw (pulling up the walls of the clay into a cylinder). This is an uplifting, inspiring experience.

In the TASTER session you will throw 1 pot and we will bisque fire your piece within 3-4 weeks accordingly to our firing schedule.

Hands on glaze workshop! During this class we will demonstrate ways to layer, map, and apply glazes or underglazes to bring your cup to the next level.

You will work with wet clay, followed by learning to trim and shape the semi- dried (leather hard) clay.  After the piece has gone through its first kiln firing, you will learn surface decoration methods.  Our final class is a glaze session and potluck where we celebrate what we have made and finish glazing the pieces you’ve made through out your sessions.



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