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        So inspiring to be able to work with new designers and to capture their unique pieces of art, as they introduce them to the world. Chapter 101 is a never-ending story – of taste, of style, of texture and imagination. It is the story of a young Iranian dreamer, who observed the world and lost herself in fascination at what she saw: the geometry of nature, of architecture, of people and their feelings. As years past, she traveled the region and beyond, discovering new stories and shapes – sketching, interpreting and layering.

        Today, Chapter 101 is the interpretation of life through bespoke interior design. Each piece tells its own narrative and expresses unique emotional patterns. Rooted in Middle Eastern culture, it is structural and multi-dimensional.

        Ultimately, our design is here to add stories to your life – to shape your space, stoke dinner party conversation, and bring intrigue to your home.

        Story behind Collection001

        We step into arid spaces to find inspiration. Where sands reclaim the landscape. Where sun and sky rule. And Flora waits patiently for the dew to bring life and form. COLLECTION 001 follows her cue, taking shape in elegant aspects of cut glass and black patina.

        The millennial monochrome meets this season’s fascination with interior planting inspired by the succulents themselves. Members of warm-climate, low water plant families, looking best in a landscape that emphasizes their texture and shapes.

        Today, we bring you a collection inspired by elegance and art of geometry. Whether planted indoors or outdoors, our Collection001 can be used to add stories, stoke dinner parties, and bring charm to your homes. We hope you enjoy our carefully crafted minimal designs as much as we enjoy creating them for you.

        Chapter 101 has also recently taken part in Dubai Design Week the region’s largest creative festival, reflecting Dubai’s position as the design capital of the Middle East.

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