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        Fronteriors’ painted cane collection was conceived from the founders’ curiosity to explore the creative possibilities of a material they love.

        At a time when we are spending more time than ever in our homes, and as our living spaces multi-tasking as offices and classrooms, it makes sense to curate your safe haven in the most beautiful and practical way possible.

        Dubai, June 11, 2020 – Fronteriors, the new furniture player has just launched their new painted cane doors to transform IKEA furniture frames into bespoke design pieces. Where cane has always been one of their lead materials, the two entrepreneurs behind the brand have ventured out and experimented with coloring the raw material, bringing an incredible result that expands the selection of choice in their range.

        Fronteriors was founded early in 2019, making fronts, sides, tops, and accessories for popular IKEA frames (currently focused on Besta, Pax, Billy, and Metod). The concept allows customers to create an affordable statement piece for their home.

        Since the start, the cane has shown to be a bestseller – not only due to its timeless and versatile nature but also because it provides a really practical solution for concealing TV boxes, wifi routers, etc. as the webbing material does nor obstruct \ their signal and remote controls even work though a closed-door which is ideal for hiding unsightly household necessities.

        “We are all about experimenting with looks that we haven’t already seen flooding the market. We started out dreaming about painted black cane” says Kathryn Hawkes, co-founder, but we decided to apply the new effect to our standard Fronteriors colour palette (beige, grey, black, green, white), so customers now have the choice of selecting our open weave cane doors in every colour with either the natural or painted cane. It really expands the selection of choice. The colored cane collection is available via the online shop.

        Because we have spent so much time at home, Fronteriors feels there is an even larger need to create a warm, comforting and safe environment. “Especially now, it is important to do what you have always dreamed of,” says Linda Dekkers, co-founder.

        This new collection is exactly what these two entrepreneurs poured their passion and creativity into over the last few months.

        Fronteriors offers a curated collection of custom doors, sides, and tops to transform IKEA furniture frames into customized design pieces. Fronteriors promise is to bring the latest interior trends to the market, including many contemporary finishes not yet seen in the hacking arena.

        Please get in touch via info@fronteriors.co