Natelee Cocks
InteriorDinning Boutique by Cest’ Ici

Dinning Boutique by Cest’ Ici

Embarking on a journey of curvy exotic comfort, recently added to Cest’ Ici  portfolio – fresh, vibrant, earthy,  lush. “A cocktail of vibrant and monochrome color palette, natural-like elements and organic shapes implemented to define and articulate the space with an elegant tropical vibe, a mix of exotic and extravagant pieces reflected all over the canvas from ceiling, walls, to bespoke furniture and floor, did we told you that this is our third project with the most incredible client ~ from residential to commercial. We have grown together and our trust and mutual commitment has made this project very dear to our hearts. We thank for your blind trust.”

Visit Dining Boutique for some deliciousness.

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