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Maiz Taco’s Dubai Hills

A home grown concept that started as a food truck in 2018 roaming the streets of Dubai and have then grown into a brick and mortar residing in JLT. We have just opened our second branch in Dubai Hills and look forward to cater to more people on this side of town. Our philosophy has always been to provide fresh high quality dishes at an affordable price. This year we have won the Whats on award for best latin food (under 400 category) and from Time out as well for recommended restaurants category. 

H2R worked to ensure that the design of the branch evoked the essence and ambience of the brand; a cosy and comforting space designed for a restaurant that makes comforting Mexican food. Taking inspiration from their existing branch in JLT, subtle details such as seating styles, recessed niches, and colour palettes were extracted to create a well-connected space which defines the brand’s identity, as well as the harmonious experience that is produced for customers. From the entrance to the main dining area, the design of the environment shifts from a micro to a macro perspective in terms of the contrast and zest of the atmosphere.

As you enter, you are greeted with the serenity and simplicity accompanied by soft hues of beige found in the walls and floor tiles, and the warm tones of wood exhibited in the relaxed lounge area. As you wander into the dining area, the environment lets loose, spiced earth tones from the walls, ceiling installation and floor tiles are unleashed, as you become engulfed in a bright, hospitable, and vibrant sanctuary. In the corner, a semi-private lounge area binds the whole experience, providing the ideal balance between coherence and exuberance.

The high ceilings of the space allow for an abundance of natural light and functionality, as well as ornamental features; the overlapping ceiling installations and the various vertical wall elevations are inspired by Mexican hillside houses, and wall recessions inspired by the windows of Mexican “Hacienda” style homes. The décor and wall art are clean and refined. The different seating styles allow for the space to be well connected in variety, through the cantilevered seating pockets as well as the comfortable integrated sofa area. The furniture of the space has a contemporary character; however, the touch of wood provides a mellow feel, while the colour palette of the seating’s upholstery is accentuated with spice-coloured cushions.

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