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I have a love for interior design and interior designers. Dubai has some of the most creative and technical designers and I just love working with them. This time around, I was approached by Rabah from STYLED HABITAT. Styled Habitat is a design company that makes professional Interior Design accessible through e-Design, Interior Design and Styling. Their designs are created in soulful spaces with a fearless blend of styles. You cannot help to fall in love with the strong geometric shapes used in their styling approach.

Rabah Saeid, Founder and Creative Director for Styled Habitat has professional experience in retail, hospitality, commercial and residential projects. For this photo shoot we photographed a residential interior in Barsha, Dubai. It is clear that Rabah takes pride in the storytelling of spaces. Strong lines and contrasting shapes were set against a neutral backdrop. I loved how the vertical lines of a dark modern steel coffee table created visual contrast against a lightly toned soft carpet with circular designs. When photographing interiors, my photographic process doesn’t follow a disciplined style. Part of being a creative interior photographer, is to experience the storytelling of the designer. Rabah’s selection of colors, materials and finishes are sophisticated and grounded by purpose. There is a harmony of masculine and feminine, classic and contemporary, high and low styles.

The photo shoot was overseen by Natasha Sturko – the creative head for Styled Habitat. Natasha’s direction was invaluable. She understands the power of proportion, comfortable shapes and the meticulously curated blend of textiles, finishes and hues. With this in mind, I approached each composition as a design within itself. The close-up of the staircase is composed by focusing on shape only. This approach set the tone for this photo shoot. Geometric shapes such as circles, spirals and squares are visible in almost all of my photographs.



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