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The Native Bohemians

There is a new creative consultancy on the horizon – meet The Native Bohemians. THE NATIVE BOHEMIANS consists of husband-and-wife team, Reem and Arsalan. From interior consultation, – styling, furniture selection and up cycling, they add a Bohemian burst to any interior space. Their business grew organically through projects done for family and friends, to what it is today. With a unique style and worldly approach, this stylish couple quickly moved from designing small interiors to styling luxury properties and resorts. I had the opportunity to work with The Native Bohemians on a renovation project at ZAYA NURAI ISLAND.

Zaya is a boutique real estate and hospitality development on the secluded Nurai Island. The Arabic word ‘nur’ means ‘light’. If you are looking for amazing sunsets over the Arabian Gulf, then this is it. One can access the island with a short boat ride from Saadiyat Island, and there you will find Zaya situated in the heart of the island. This private island resort has beautiful Beach Houses, Bijou Beach Villas, breathtaking Beach Retreats and several restaurants.

The Zaya Beach Villas are designed to blend into the landscape, reflecting the surrounding beauty of the natural environment. The styling approach of The Native Bohemians was to fuse the contemporary luxury of Zaya with their own earthy approach. Interior spaces allow an abundant amount of natural light to flood in and bounce from high ceilings. It’s a photographer’s dream! Reem and Arsalan’s passion for beautiful and comfortable spaces is evident in their approach to recreate a striking, functional and practical environment. The eclectic style reminds one that this bohemian couple travels and that they are true gypsies at heart. They treasure their experiences and have an admiration for different cultures and styles.

The advantage of working with such a lovely team of designers is that their style reflects their personalities. The outcome is an universal, gypsy view on life and how styling an interior space can embody this attitude.


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