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        A house is not a home without the small details. Glass vases for a muted toned accessory in your home. These vases look amazing alone, however you can also pair it with our dried flowers to take it to the next level.

        Shop sparkling gold bronze deco animal to tie a room together and add a small element of gold. Pair it with our style deco to elevate the look to the next level.

        New sustainable glass vases are a must have. We’re bringing you the trendiest colors and shapes to put into your home before anyone else. Decorate your home with these colorful and unique pieces to add an intricate detail to your home.

        Made with translucent sustainable glass, this vase is perfect for those with the ultimate minimalist taste as it is colorless yet still adds the trendiest and newest details that can take your home to the next level and bring a modern element. Pair the Axel vase with one of our colorful vases as shown above, to create a beautiful contrast in size and color.

        Vases are the perfect size for a small area that needs an extra boost of color and detail. Painted with the trendiest colors and made with delicate, high quality, and sustainable glass, this vase is suitable for any home. Pair it with our dried flowers to elevate the look further and make your home decor elite.

        A vase can add a beautiful contrast of darkness to a home, and paired with a lighter vase, the contrast of colors can bring your interior game to a whole other level. These sustainable, dark, and somber vases are a perfect color element for any home. They work perfectly with the flow as they are simple and minimalist, yet they still add needed detail.

         The color combos are immaculate, and unique, while the shapes has not been done before. Add this exclusive and trendy detail to your home today.