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“On this Frozen Musique project, my client who is one of my closest friends, is quite American vs me, quite French. You can imagine how our inspirations can be different.

But through the years of friendship we both had our share of influence on each others culture. Which resulted in such a beautiful interior that reflects perfectly the vision she had in her mind for her house. We took our time to choose every piece of furniture and fabric. We would sit for hours contemplating how to work with her space or to convince her on the latest buy we did.”

The main thing between is to keep the style in balance. Once you find your main piece, let it brighten your room and enjoy attention towards it. Don’t forget always listen to your inside voice, it will tell you the rest.

Frozen Musique founded by Zeina El Zein and Ina Vallarino, is an interior design and styling company based in Dubai. Our unparalleled personal service is accentuated by charm, enthusiasm and an obsession for detail. Our commitment promises a pleasant experience, with a seamless and timely delivery on projects within a budget – without compromising on craftsmanship or style.

To date, we have been commissioned for landmark commercial and residential projects across the Middle East such as offices on Sheikh Zayed Road; commercial outlets in DIFC and Jumeriah; villas in Motor City, Meadows, Lakes, Victory Heights, and Jumeriah; apartments in Limestone House, Index, Oceana; penthouses in Dubai and Beirut; and luxury residences in Oman. We have also worked on re-styling several restaurants and lounges in the region.

Our aim is to collaborate with you and create effortlessly stylish spaces that reflect your personality and lifestyle.




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